How to Stay on Top of the Latest Instagram Trends in 2024

Instagram is one of the most popular and influential social media platforms in the world, with over 2.3 billion monthly active users as of 2023. The platform is constantly evolving and introducing new features, formats, and trends that shape the way people create and consume content.

For businesses, staying on top of the latest Instagram trends is crucial to reach and engage their target audience, increase their brand visibility, and drive sales. In this article, we will explore some of the most important Instagram trends in 2023 and how you can leverage them effectively for your marketing strategy.

Instagram Reels: The New King of Video Content

Instagram Reels are short-form videos that can be up to 60 seconds long and can be edited with music, filters, stickers, and other effects. Reels are Instagram’s answer to the rising popularity of TikTok, and they have become a major discovery and engagement tool on the platform.

According to Instagram, Reels have over 1.4 billion monthly active users globally2, and they account for almost half of the platform’s ad revenue. Reels are also favored by the algorithm, which means they have a higher chance of appearing on the Explore page and reaching new audiences.

To take advantage of this trend, businesses should create engaging and entertaining Reels that showcase their products, services, or brand personality. Some tips for creating effective Reels are:

Use catchy music or sound effects that match your brand voice and message.

Add text overlays or captions to highlight your key points or call to action.

Use hashtags, stickers, and filters to increase your discoverability and engagement.

Experiment with different formats, such as tutorials, behind-the-scenes, challenges, or testimonials.

Collaborate with influencers or creators who have a large or relevant following on Reels.

Instagram Shopping: The Ultimate E-commerce Experience

Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows users to browse and buy products directly from the app, without leaving the platform. Users can discover products from various sources, such as posts, stories, reels, live videos, IGTV, or dedicated shopping tabs. They can also use checkout to complete their purchases securely and conveniently within the app.

Instagram Shopping has become a powerful e-commerce tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. According to Instagram, over 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily, and over 130 million users tap on shopping posts every monthMoreover, Instagram Shopping has helped businesses increase their sales by up to 44%.

To make the most of this trend, businesses should:

Set up a shop on Instagram by connecting their product catalog or using a supported e-commerce platform.

Optimize their product listings with clear images, descriptions, prices, and tags.

Create shoppable content across different formats, such as posts, stories, reels, live videos, or IGTV.

Use product tagging to link products to specific content and make it easy for users to shop.

Use shopping custom audiences to retarget users who have shown interest in their products or shop.

Use shopping ads to promote their products to relevant audiences and drive traffic to their shop.

Instagram Live: The Ultimate Engagement Tool

Instagram Live is a feature that allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers or the public. Users can interact with their viewers in real-time by responding to comments or inviting them to join the video. Live videos can last up to four hours and can be saved to IGTV or stories for later viewing.

Instagram Live has become a popular way for businesses to connect with their audience and build trust and loyalty. According to Instagram, live video views increased by 70% from February to March 2020, and they continue to grow in 2023. Live videos can help businesses showcase their expertise, provide value, answer questions, or launch new products.

Some best practices for using Instagram Live are:

Plan your live video ahead of time by choosing a topic, setting a goal, preparing your equipment, and promoting it to your followers.

Go live at a time when your audience is most active and likely to tune in.

Engage with your viewers by acknowledging their comments, asking for feedback, or inviting them to join the video.

Add value by providing useful information, tips, insights, or entertainment.

Include a clear call to action at the end of your live video, such as visiting your website, following your account, or checking out your products.


Instagram is a dynamic and diverse platform that offers endless opportunities for businesses to reach and engage their potential customers. By staying on top of the latest Instagram trends in 2023, businesses can create compelling content that showcases their brand story, values, and offerings. By doing so, they can boost their engagement rate, increase their brand visibility, and drive sales.

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